Chuck "finbeard" Simpson

I'm a freelance digital illustrator, visual designer, concept artist, and occasional musician currently based in the greater Seattle area. I specialize in large, detailed illustrations, typography, layout, and visual design in a variety of media. My work encompasses direct marketing, branding packages, package branding, CD & poster layouts, album artwork, slap bracelets, digital art & web layout, and everything else inbetween. One time I got to play drums live with Vince DiCola. Yeah, the guy who composed for Transformers & Rocky IV.

My clients are businesses, bands, individuals, and even just folks who want a badass illustration of their Dungeons & Dragons character. From time to time, I'm also a professional automotive & advertising photographer & photo retoucher.

If you have a project that needs a creative eye or you're just interested in commissioning an individual piece of art from me, drop me a line here or send me a DM on Twitter! I love a chat whether we wind up working together or not. Be well!